Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sale!

Valentine’s Day Sale 2018

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, come in this weekend and enjoy 20% – 50% Off All Jewelry at Electric Buffalo Gallery. Going on now through February 14th, 2018.  Everything from sterling silver, gold, white gold, yellow gold, Yogo and Montana sapphire jewelry, unique handmade Navajo jewelry including a large collection by renowned silversmith Artie Yellowhorse, and much more.  Various sizes, colors, styles, and price ranges to choose from.  Call with questions (406) 837-5669 or stop by Electric Avenue in downtown Bigfork, MT.  Open 7 days a week 10am – 7pm.

Beautiful Pendant and Matching Earrings
Beautiful Pendant and Matching Earrings
Spiny Oyster Heart Jewelry
Spiny Oyster Heart Jewelry Set
Turquoise Heart Jewelry
Turquoise Heart Jewelry Set


Native American Jewelry Show 2018

Traveling to the Native American Jewelry Show this week in Phoenix, Arizona to see beautifully hand-made jewelry by hundreds of artists. One of my favorite trips of the year to acquire only the best in sapphire, turquoise, pearl, gold and silver jewelry to bring back to Electric Buffalo Gallery.

Featured here are incredible turquoise and silver bracelets, rings, pendants by world famous silversmith Artie Yellowhorse, in addition to a large collection of sterling silver necklaces in various lengths and sizes.